Advanced 1

Welcome to the CALLERLAB Online Teaching Resource.

Here you will find material to assist a modern square dance caller who is teaching new calls to dancers, or teaching new applications of a call to dancers.

There are four pages associated with each call in the Advanced Program. Click on the blue word for the type of information desired. Descriptions of each type of page are below the table.

This resource is being developed. We are still proofing choreography, text, and links. Please let us know if you find errors. (Email CAC Chair:

Advanced 1

Belles and Beaus Define Analyze Module Teach
Brace Thru Define Analyze Module Teach
Cross Trail Thru Define Analyze Module Teach
Triple Trade Define Analyze Module Teach
Grand Follow Your Neighbor Define Analyze Module Teach
Quarter Thru Define Analyze Module Teach
Wheel Thru Define Analyze Module Teach
Turn and Deal Define Analyze Module Teach
Pass In and Pass Out Define Analyze Module Teach
Chain Reaction Define Analyze Module Teach
Mix Define Analyze Module Teach
Lockit Define Analyze Module Teach

Define links to the Definition of the call with Command examples, Timing, Styling, and Comments. This page also has some background information about the call and a link to the animated diagrams of the call on Taminations.

Analyze links to Call Analysis comments about hand usage, body flow, good preceding and following calls, and possible modifiers. Also any ARC Rulings on the call are listed here.

Module links to Equivalents, Zeros, Get-Ins, and Get-Outs that use the call.

Teach links to Teaching Tips and sample choreography for patter and singing calls. This choreography is designed to fit into the CALLERLAB suggested teaching order.

Advanced 1 (Alphabetical Order, July 2022)
Any Hand Concept
(Anything) and Cross / (Named Dancers) Cross
As Couples Concept
Belles and Beaus (to name dancers)
Brace Thru
Cast a Shadow
Chain Reaction (1/4 Tag formation only)
Clover and (Anything) / Cross Clover and (Anything)
Cross Over Circulate
Cross Trail Thru
Cycle and Wheel
Double Star Thru / Triple Star Thru
Ends Bend
Explode and (Anything)
Explode the Line
Fractional Tops (Quarter, Half, Three-Quarter)
Grand Follow Your Neighbor
Horseshoe Turn
Pair Off
Partner Hinge
Partner Tag
Pass In / Out
Pass the Sea
Quarter In / Out
Quarter Thru / Three Quarter Thru
Grand Quarter Thru / Grand Three Quarter Thru
Right (Left) Roll to a Wave
Scoot and Dodge
Six-Two Acey Deucey
Split Square Chain Thru
Split Square Thru
Square Chain Thru
Step and Slide
Swap Around / Reverse Swap Around
Transfer the Column
Triple Cross / Double Cross
Triple Trade
Turn and Deal
Wheel Thru / Left Wheel Thru