Welcome to the CALLERLAB Online Teaching Resource

Here you will find material to assist a modern square dance caller who is teaching new calls to dancers, or teaching new applications of a call to dancers.

This resource is being developed.  We are adding pages on a regular basis and still proofing choreography, text, and links.  Please let us know if you find errors.   (Email CAC Chair: dwelch@eastlink.ca)

Click on the link for the CALLERLAB program that contains the call.

Then click on the link for the desired type of information about the call.

Basic Part 1

Basic Part 2



Advanced 1

As part of CALLERLAB’s effort to encourage Social Connections, we have created a section containing information about Games, Gimmicks, Interacting Squares and other related ideas.


For easy reference, here are links to teaching related documents on the CALLERLAB Website:

These documents and all translated versions can be found at www.callerlab.org/Dance-Programs

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This teaching.callerlab.org website has been designed to match the suggested teaching order for the CALLERLAB Basic, Mainstream, and Plus Programs. However, most of the teaching suggestions and many of the choreography examples could also be used when using the teaching order recommended for Social Square Dancing. The following link goes to the Social Square Dancing section on the CALLERLAB Website.

Social Square Dancing (SSD)