Brace Thru – Definition

CALLERLAB Program: Advanced 1

Teaching Resource for Brace Thru

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Teaching Order: After Belles and Beaus

Recently taught calls: Belles and Beaus is the first call in the A-1 Program Suggested Teaching Order.

Background: The “Brace Thru” call action was created as Half Breed Thru by Van Vanderwalker from San Diego, California in 1955. It has been on the A-1 List since at least 1980. The name was changed to Brace Thru in 2012.


Starting formations: From Facing Couples, each composed of a man and a woman

Dance action: All Right Pull by. Those dancers (if any) in a Normal Couple Courtesy Turn to end facing the other couple. Those in a Half-Sashayed Couple U-Turn Back, turning toward each other.

Ending formations: Ends in Normal Facing Couples.

Timing: Box 6, Static Square: 8

Link to Taminations: Taminations Brace Thru