Mix – Definition

CALLERLAB Program: Advanced 1

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Teaching Order: After Chain Reaction

Recently taught calls: Turn and Deal, Pass In and Pass Out

Background: : Lee Kopman from Wantagh, New York created “Swing and Mix” in 1967 and he created “(Anything) and Mix” in 1968. “(Anything) and Mix” was in the Advanced List in 1977. “Mix / Anything and Mix” was in the A-2 List in 1980. By 1989 “Mix” had been moved to the A-1 List.


Starting formations: General Line

Dance action: Centers Cross Run, then the new centers Trade. If both Centers are facing the same way at the start of the call, they Half Sashay, blending into a Run around the original far End.

Ending formations: Right-Hand Wave ends in a Left-Hand Wave and vice versa.

Timing: 6

Link to Taminations: Taminations Mix