Turn and Deal – Definition

CALLERLAB Program: Advanced 1

Teaching Resource for Turn and Deal

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Teaching Order: After Wheel Thru

Recently taught calls: Grand Follow Your Neighbor, Quarter Thru

Background: Turn and Deal was created by Colin Walton from Miami, Florida in 1963. It was in the Advanced List in 1977 and in the A-1 List in 1980.


Starting formations: General Line

Dance action: As one smooth motion, all Half Tag, then turn individually another quarter in the same direction you turned to start the Half Tag. This call is considered to have a single part; it cannot be fractionalized.

Ending formations: Ends in a Box

Timing: 4

Link to Taminations:

https://www.tamtwirlers.org/taminations/#/?level=A-1&link=a1/turn_and_deal&main=ANIMLIST&detail=CALLS”TARGET=Taminations>Taminations Turn and Deal