Quarter Thru – Definition

CALLERLAB Program: Advanced 1

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Teaching Order: After Grand Follow Your Neighbor

Recently taught calls: Cross Trail Thru, Triple Trade

Background: Quarter Thru was created by Holman Hudspeth from Detroit, Michigan in 1969. It has been in the Advanced Program since 1977. It was briefly place in A-2, but by 1982 it was in A-1.


Starting formations: From any appropriate 4-dancer formation (for example, Right-Hand Box Circulate, Left-Hand Facing Diamonds)

Dance action: Those who can Turn 1/4 by the Right, then those who can Turn 1/2 by the left.

There must be dancers who can do each part. The call is not proper from an Inverted Box.

If there are two side-by-side formations each of which can do the call, dancers don’t move from one to the other. For example: from Right-Hand Columns, each of the two Box Circulate formations does the call independently.

Ending formations: A Right-Hand Box ends in a Right-Hand Wave

Timing: 6

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