Triple Trade – Definition

CALLERLAB Program: Advanced 1

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Teaching Order: After Cross Trail Thru

Recently taught calls: Belles and Beaus, Brace Thru

Background: Triple Trade was defined by Roger Chapman from Winter Haven, Florida in 1970. The original definition was “From a Tidal Wave or Line of eight with couples alternately facing: Ends stand pat as the three couples in the center swing half.”


Starting formations: From Tidal Waves, Tidal Two-Faced Lines, Point-to-Point Diamonds, six-dancer Ocean Wave, or any 3 pairs of adjacent dancers

Dance action: The two end dancers remain in place as the three adjacent pairs of dancers (the six in the center) Trade with each other.

Ending formations: When all 3 pairs of adjacent dancers are Mini-Waves, the ending formation is the same as the starting formation.

Timing: 4

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