Swing – Standard Applications

Basic Part 1

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Standard Applications:


a) Right & Left Grand Circle, BGBG
b) Eight Chain Thru, “0”, “1/2”, “1”, “2” (Opposite genders facing)
Comment for a and b: Swings are called most often before Promenade Home or when at home. They are used mostly in singing calls but occasionally in patter.

c) Right-Hand Parallel Waves, “0”, “1/2”, “1”, “2” (Opposite gender pairs)
Comment: Singing calls commonly use Circulate or Scoot Back before Swing.

d) Trade By, “0” (Normal Couples)
e) Lines Facing Out, Normal Couples
Comment for d and e: Any opposite gender pairings have a reasonable chance of success.

f) Static Square, All Arrangements
g) Circle moving either way, All Arrangements
Comment for f and g: Call must include pairing information. If the arrangement is not BGBG then call Swing the nearest opposite gender.