Separate (as directed) – Analysis

Basic Part 1
Separate (as directed)

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Call Analysis:

Hands needed at the start: Neither
Hands held at the end: Neither until dancers follow further instructions

Body flow at the start: The designated dancers turn a quarter away from partner and then move forward in a big circle around the square (one goes clockwise, the other goes counter-clockwise).

Body flow at the end: Same around the square action as described above

Good preceding calls:
— Bow to your Partner (start from a Static Square)
— Heads Pass Thru

Good following calls:
— Actives Swing
— Actives Dosado
— Actives Star Thru

Ending Formations for Standard Starting Formations and Arrangements:

a) Static Square, Normal Couples: Heads Separate, pass one and Swing Partner
Ends in a Static Square, Normal Couples, Heads across from home

b) Static Square, Normal Couples: Heads Separate and Star Thru
Ends in Double Pass Thru formation, Normal Couples

Some Extended Applications:

ARC Rulings (Applications Review Committee of CALLERLAB): (none)