Separate (as directed) – Definition

Teaching Resource for SEPARATE (as directed)

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CALLERLAB Program: Basic Part 1

Teaching order: After Turn Back Family and before Split Two
Recently taught calls: Star, Pass Thru, Half Sashay Family

Background: The general case of Separate replaces the old call Divide.

This section of the teaching resource describes the most general case of Separate.
The two most common applications are described in greater detail in the Online Teaching Resource under ‘Separate to Line’ and ‘Separate to Middle’.

Minimum number of dancers needed: Eight

Starting formation for the minimum number needed: Couple. The couple must be active or designated.

Command examples:
— Heads Separate and Star Thru
— Heads Pass Thru; Separate and behind the Sides Touch 1/4
— Heads Pass Thru; Separate and come back home and Swing
— Heads Star Thru; Double Pass Thru; Heads Separate and Star Thru
— Heads Pass Thru; Separate go Around Two; Meet Your Partner and Dosado
— Couple #1 Separate around the ring … pass her once … and pass her again; Allemande the corner
— Heads Pass the Ocean and Swing Thru, Others Separate and Everybody Right and Left Thru

Dance action:

Case 1: The active or designated couple is on Squared Set spots

The dancers turn back-to-back and start walking forward in opposite directions around the outside of the square away from each other until they meet another dancer. The call ends here unless further instructions are given (e.g., “and come back home”).

Case 2: The active or designated couple is in the center facing out of the square (e.g., after Heads Slide Thru, Square Thru 2)

The couple steps forward and then performs the Separate action described above.

Ending formation: Facing dancers on the outside of the set or determined by the next command

Timing: 2 plus time to travel around the outside

Styling: Those not active move into the center to get out of the way of the actives. Men’s arms in natural dance position; woman’s skirt work optional.

Comments: While Separate is usually followed with instructions for walking around some number of inactive dancers, the active dancers can also be directed to perform some other action (e.g., Separate, walk around the outside passing 2 dancers and Star Thru with the third).
From a squared set, calling “Heads Square Thru 2; Heads Separate, …” would be improper because the heads are initially facing the sides and when they start in the center they must be facing out of the square rather than facing other dancers.

Facing Couple or Ocean Wave Rule: Neither rule applies to Separate.

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