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Basic Part 1
Promenade – Single File

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Marmaduke Mixer
By Allan Brozek, Connecticut
(slightly modified)
Formation: Big circle of couples all facing the center
Music: Traditional jig or reel, or a singing call


Forward and Back,
Forward and Back,
Ladies left inside all March (8),
Turn around and March back to Partner,
Dosado once and a half,
Swing the next,
Promenade and face in.

— Forward 3 steps and touch then backup 3 steps and touch
— Repeat Forward and Back
— Ladies step inside and go to their left clockwise, while Gents turn to their right and go counter-clockwise. March single file in concentric circles for 6 beats and turn around on beats 7 and 8.
— March back to partner in the same circles.
— With partner Dosado once around and then pass right shoulders again to move on to the next dancer.
— Meeting dancers Swing
— Promenade as a couple counter-clockwise for 14 beats and turn in as a couple to face the center on beats 15 and 16.