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CALLERLAB Program: Basic Part 1
Teaching order: After Dosado, perhaps after Swing. Before Allemande Left
Recently taught calls: Circle Left, Circle Right, Dosado, perhaps Swing

Background: Single File Promenade is included in the Promenade definition, which is #6 in Burleson’s Dictionary. Several Traditional Square Dances have lone dancers promenading around the outside of the set.


A promenade is a walk of some distance around the set by some or all dancers. The active dancers may go as individuals or as couples. They may go in promenade direction (counter-clockwise) or wrong way promenade direction (clockwise). When not all dancers promenade, there is a further choice of traveling around the inside or outside of the set. Single File Promenade is one of four calls in the Promenade family.

Single File Promenade

Minimum number of dancers needed: Only one dancer may be active but more are needed to define the center and the outside.

Starting formations: Infacing Circle of 8, Squared Set, Left-Hand Columns

Command examples:
— Four Girls Promenade inside the ring; come back and give your guy a Swing
— Men Promenade inside, go single file
— All Promenade Single File; girls Backtrack
— Couples Promenade; put the lady in the lead, go single file
— Circle Right; drop hands; Single File Promenade
— Couple 1, turn your back on your partner and Promenade this way around the outside of the set
— Promenade Single File; men turn in and Star by the Right
— Left Touch 1/4; Single File Promenade Home (from Facing Lines)
— Circle Left; drop hands, go single file (i.e., Wrong Way Single File Promenade)

Dance action: When some dancers are designated from a Squared Set (e.g., Ladies Single File Promenade), they will initially step forward into the center. Designated dancers turn, if necessary, to face promenade direction and move forward around the center of the set, in single file (one behind another). The next call determines when the dancers stop and what they do next.
Ending formation: Single File Promenade (possibly with fewer than eight dancers), Squared Set (e.g., Single File Promenade Home)

Timing: Four dancers promenade inside to home: 8

Styling: In Single File Promenade man’s arms are held in natural dance position; woman’s hands on skirt, working with the natural swinging motion.

When only some dancers promenade single file, the inactive dancers counterdance, i.e., make room for them, returning to their position after the others have passed.

Comments: If dancers facing out are designated to Single File Promenade (e.g., Heads Pass Thru, Promenade Single File), they step forward and promenade outside.

Dancers moving individually and in the opposite direction from Promenade is called Wrong Way Single File Promenade (e.g., Walk Around Your Corner; See Saw; four boys Wrong Way Single File Promenade inside).

Some callers use fractions with Single File Promenade (e.g. Heads Single File Promenade 1/2). The dancers will stay in this single file formation until the next command is given.

Facing Couple or Ocean Wave Rule: The Ocean Wave Rule applies

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