Slip the Clutch – Other

Slip the Clutch

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Traditional Break:

All around the left hand lady,
See saw your pretty little taw,
Men star right around the town,
Meet your own a left hand round,
Men to the middle make an Allemande Thar,
Back ‘em up boys a right-hand star,
Slip the Clutch, Left Allemande,
Promenade around the land.

Throw in the Clutch

A traditional variation of Slip the Clutch was “Throw in the Clutch” which was defined from an Allemande Thar or Wrong Way Thar: Everyone in the Thars will stop and release hand holds between the inside and outside dancers (starring hands are held) then each will move forward (hub and rim) to go at least one full turn around the circle, or as per command (twice around, etc.).