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CALLERLAB Program: Mainstream
Teaching order: After Slide Thru
Recently taught calls: Spin the Top, Walk and Dodge

Background: Fold was written in 1963 by Dick Kenyon from Lansing, Michigan. Cross Fold was written in 1964 by Gordon Densmore from Madison, Ohio. Fold evolved from earlier names for similar movements. The most obvious of those precursors was “Fold the Line” which is now called “Ends Fold”. Fold was listed in the 1972 Extended Basics Program of American Square Dancing. By 1976 the Fold Family including Cross Fold was listed in the CALLERLAB Mainstream Program.


Case 1: Fold

Starting formations: Couple, Mini-Wave

Command examples:
— Boys Fold
— Ends Fold (from a General Line)
— Ladies Fold
— Leaders Fold (from Ocean Waves)

Dance action: The designated dancer steps forward and walks in a semi-circle toward the adjacent dancer to end facing that position. The non-designated dancer is inactive and does not move.

Ending formations: Facing Dancers, Tandem

Timing: 2

Styling: None

Fold can create formations that are very unusual at Mainstream. In such situations, callers generally use implicit adjustments to normalize the formation. For example, Heads Square Thru 4, Touch 1/4, Girls Fold, Double Pass Thru:
1) The Girls Fold creates a formation with Tandems that are not directly facing.
2) Double Pass Thru implicitly tells dancers that they should be in the starting formation for that call (facing Tandems).
3) The Double Pass Thru is danced as if the tandems were facing, ending normally.
This type of implicit adjustment is generally accepted at Mainstream, particularly following Fold or Cross Fold, but may be controversial at other dance programs.

    Before Girls Fold                 After Girls Fold             After Double Pass Thru

From a 1×8, callers must be careful when identifying Centers and Ends, such as by saying “Each Side, Centers Fold” or “In Each Wave Of 4, Ends Fold” or “Girls Fold”. See “General: Ways Of Naming Dancers: Centers / Ends”.

The facing direction of the non-designated dancer does not affect this call. For example, from properly arranged Facing Lines: Centers Star Thru, Ends Pass Thru and Fold, You’re Home.

Everyone Fold (or Everybody Fold To Face) is a gimmick (see Additional Detail: Commands: Gimmicks), since those who Fold are not working with inactive dancers. Callers who use this expect it to end in facing dancers (even though the Dance Action requires dancers to be facing the position to which they were originally adjacent, and therefore not be facing). This gimmick may not be used from a

Case 2: Cross Fold

Starting formation: General Line

Command examples:
— Girls Cross Fold
— Ends Cross Fold
— Each Side, Ends Cross Fold (from a Tidal Wave)

Dance action: The designated dancers step forward and walk in a semi-circle, passing both the center of the line and one dancer position, to end facing the position of the next dancer. Non-designated dancers are inactive and do not move.

Ending formations: See Comments.

Timing: 4

Styling: None


For Ends Cross Fold when the ends are facing the same way, they pass right shoulders with each other. For Centers Cross Fold when the centers are facing the same way, they Half Sashay, blending into a Fold to face the original far end position.

The ending formation of Cross Fold depends on which dancers Cross Fold and their original facing directions. For example:

          Before                 After Ends Cross Fold

          Before                 After Girls Cross Fold

          Before                 After Centers Cross Fold

The ending formation can be unusual, and callers generally normalize the formation with the next call or two, such as in the following example.


          Before                 After Ends Cross Fold         After Extend

Callers may also normalize the formation by using implicit adjustments (see the first comment of Fold) or by using calls like Right and Left Grand, Swing and Promenade, or Allemande Left.

From a 1×8, the caller must make it clear to the dancers that they must work either in their line of four on each side (e.g., Each Side, Ends Cross Fold) or in the center line of four (e.g., Center Four, Centers Cross Fold).

As with Fold, the facing directions of the non-designated dancers do not affect this call.

Similar to Everyone Fold (see its comment above), Everyone Cross Fold is a gimmick, but one that is even less frequently used.

Facing Couple or Ocean Wave Rule: neither rule applies

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