Allemande Thar – Wrong Way – Teaching

Allemande Thar – Wrong Way

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Choreography for Patter Teaching with Singing Call Options:

Teaching Tips:

Thar Family
A.) Can use directional English to form a Thar, then, provide the name.
B.) From a squared set, Turn Partner Left, boys hold on and form a right hand star in the middle.
C.) Demonstrate or explain the “Pack Saddle” styling star for centers to assist with balance while backing up.
D.) Good idea to explain what a forward direction is verses wrong way.

More teaching suggestions:

— Wait until the dancers have mastered the making of an Allemande Thar before teaching Wrong Way Thar. Introduce it as a variation of Allemande Thar which uses the other arm and turns the other way.

— The caller can direct “Forward” (everyone progressing in normal Right and Left Grand direction) or “Back” or “Backward” (everyone going the opposite direction from a normal Right and Left Grand) any number of hands. For example, “Shoot the Star Full Turn, Go Backward 3, Right, Left, Right, Men swing in make a Wrong Way Thar”.

Quick quote: “Right arm turn, centers make a pack-saddle and centers back up”

Teaching Standard Applications:

Allemande Left,
Turn Partner Right full around,
Boys into a Wrong Way Thar,
Boys back up,
Turn by the right to your corner, Allemande Left,
[Swing and], Promenade
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Four Ladies Star Right,
Turn Partner Left to your Corner,
Turn Corner Right and Boys into a Wrong Way Thar,
(Boys back up),
Everyone U-Turn Back, Left Allemande,
[Swing and], Promenade
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Allemande Left and hold on Full Turn,
Boys in to an Allemande Thar,
Shoot the Star Full Turn,
Go Backward 3, Right, Left, Right,
Men swing in make a Wrong Way Thar,
Shoot the Star, Allemande Left,
[Swing and,] Promenade