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CALLERLAB Program: Mainstream
Teaching order: After Allemande Left to an Allemande Thar
Recently Taught Calls: Wheel Around, Allemande Thar

Background: “Wrong Way Thar” is listed as number 51 in Burleson’s Encyclopedia.


“Wrong Way Thar” is a formation. It also appears on the Basic list of calls, not as a call by itself, but rather as a collection of commands that result in a Wrong Way Thar. The commands function as suffixes, making a Right Arm Turn end in a Wrong Way Thar. Descriptive words are often part of these commands.

Minimum number of dancers needed: Eight

Starting formation for the minimum number needed: Blended from a Right Arm Turn

Command examples:
— Allemande Left; Turn Partner Right, Girls Swing In Make A Wrong Way Thar
— Allemande Left; Turn Partner Right A Full Turn, Boys Swing In Make A Wrong Way Thar
— Turn Partner Left; Turn Corner Right To A Wrong Way Thar (men will be in the middle)
— Do Paso; (at the end of the Do Paso) Go To The Corner Turn Her By The Right, Make A Wrong Way Thar
— Allemande Left In The Alamo Style; Swing Thru; Turn By The Right 3/4 To A Wrong Way Thar

Dance action: Dancers continue to Right Arm Turn 1/2. The centers form a left-hand star and back up. Outside dancers hold the right forearm of a center dancer and walk forward.

Ending formations: Wrong Way Thar in motion

Timing: 2 (for the Right Arm Turn 1/2)

Styling: Same as Allemande Thar (#32.a)

Comments: See Allemande Thar (#32.a).

Facing Couples or Ocean Wave Rule: Does not apply

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