Allemande Thar – Wrong Way – Extended Applications

Allemande Thar – Wrong Way

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Teaching Some Extended Applications:

Circle Left,
Allemande Left,
Turn Partner Right, Girls wheel into a Wrong Way Thar,
(Back it up), Everyone U-Turn Back,
Do Paso (Partner Left, Corner Right, Partner Left),
Hold on and Promenade

All Four Ladies Chain, Circle Left,
Allemande Left, Go forward three,
(Right, Left, Right) and Girls swing into a Wrong Way Thar,
Back it up,
Right Pull By to an Allemande Left,
Come back and Promenade

All Circle Left,
Allemande Left to an Allemande Thar,
Forward Three and Girls into a Wrong Way Thar,
(Girls back up),
Right Arm Turn full around,
Four Ladies Chain into a Promenade