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CALLERLAB Program: Basic Part 2
Teaching order: After Trade Family
Recently taught calls: Wheel Around, Allemande Thar and related calls, Box the Gnat

Italicized Calls:

“Dosado to a Wave” is italicized in the Basic Program list because it uses the wave formation. It can easily be taught along with “Step to a Wave”. Its definition and related information is included here.

“All Eight Circulate” is also italicized in the Basic Program list because the common application is from Parallel Waves. This is the recommended time to teach this application. The definition and related information can be found in the Basic Part 1 section of this resource under Circulate – Eight & Single File. Appropriate teaching examples are included here.

Background: “Step to a Wave” and “Dosado to a Wave” were both added to the Mainstream Program in 1998. They were first defined in an Addendum to the Callerlab Mainstream Definitions that was approved in November 2000.

Ocean Wave Family

The Ocean Wave Family groups together two of the simplest calls that relate to the formations of Mini-Waves, Ocean Waves, and Tidal Waves.

Note: “Ocean Wave” refers to a 4-dancer formation. See “Appendix A: Formations: 4-Dancer Formations”. Terms such as “Wave of 3” or “Wave of 6” must be used for similar formations with other numbers of dancers.

Step To A Wave Definition

Starting formations: Facing Dancers

Command examples:
— Step to a Wave
— Step to an Ocean Wave
— Make a Wave

Dance action: Dancers walk forward a small step and join right hands.

Ending formation: Right-Hand Mini-Wave

Timing: 2

Dancers should finish using Hands Up position with all adjacent dancers. (See “Additional Detail: Styling: Arms and Hands”; however, also see “General: Standardization”.)

Usually Step to a Wave is called from Facing Couples, ending in a Right-Hand Ocean Wave.

Dancers can also be asked to step to a left-hand wave (e.g., Step to a Left-Hand Wave).

The Ocean Wave Rule does not apply to this call.

The Facing Couples Rule requires certain dancers to add Step to a Wave prior to some calls. See “General: Conventions and Rules: Facing Couples Rule”.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Dosado to a Wave Definition

Minimum number of dancers needed: Two

Starting formation: Facing Dancers

Command examples:
— Dosado to a Wave
— Dosado and Make a Wave

Dance action: In one smooth motion, Dosado and Step To A Wave.

Ending formation: Right-Hand Mini-Wave

Timing: 6

Styling: Follow the styling for Dosado and Step To A Wave.

Comment: The Ocean Wave Rule applies to this call.

Facing Couples or Ocean Wave Rule: The Ocean Wave Rule applies to Dosado to a Wave
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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