Promenade – Wrong Way – Teaching

Basic Part 1
Wrong Way Promenade

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Choreography for Patter Teaching with Singing Call Options:

Teaching Tips:

Promenade Family
(A. B. and C. are listed under Promenade.)
(D. is about Star Promenade)
E.) For Wrong Way Promenade, tell them to promenade the other direction.
F.) From promenade position tell the boys to back up, wheel the girls around in front and all promenade this other direction. You don’t know this is the Wrong Way but it is!

More teaching suggestions: Circle Left, let go of your corner, keep moving that way as a couple. Change your handhold to Promenade styling.

Quick quote: “Promenade clockwise, Normal Couple has gent on outside”

Teaching Standard Applications: (Normal Couple)

Circle Left (16),
Forward and Back,
Partner Swing, (for a partner change use Corner Swing),
Hold on while Gents back out and Ladies go in (can be a full turn and a half),
Wrong Way Promenade home,
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Heads Wrong Way Promenade 3/4,
Sides Circle Left 3/4,
All Forward and Back,
All Eight Circle Right,
Circle Left, let go of corner,
Wrong Way Promenade home,
Everybody Swing