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CALLERLAB Program: Basic Part 1

Teaching Order: The Promenade Family is listed after Swing and before Allemande Left. However, the Promenade Family contains four calls and the last two are italicized to indicate that they may be deferred until later in the teaching sequence. Wrong Way Promenade is the third in the list and teaching it usually is delayed until the first two calls in the list (Couples Promenade and Single File Promenade) are mastered.

Recently Taught Calls: After Circle Left, Circle Right, Forward and Back, and Dosado. Perhaps after Star Promenade and Ladies Chain.

Background: Wrong Way Promenade is included in the definition of Promenade, which is #6 in Burleson’s Encyclopedia.


A promenade is a walk of some distance around the set by some or all dancers. The active dancers may go as individuals or as couples. They may go in promenade direction (counter-clockwise) or wrong way promenade direction (clockwise). When not all dancers promenade, there is a further choice of traveling around the inside or outside of the set. Wrong Way Promenade is one of four calls in the Promenade family.

Wrong Way Promenade

Minimum number of dancers needed: Two, but usually four or more

Starting formations: Squared Set, Right-Hand Two-Faced Lines, Right and Left Grand Circle (only with men facing wrong way promenade direction and women facing promenade direction)

Command examples:
— Wrong Way Promenade Home
— Wrong Way Promenade, keep walking
— Heads Lead Right; Veer Left; Promenade Wrong Way, don’t slow down; Heads Wheel Around
— Veer Left; Couples Circulate; Promenade this way home
— Heads Wrong Way Promenade 3/4
— All Promenade; All Wheel Around; Wrong Way Promenade; girls Star Right, boys Backtrack
— Allemande Left; turn partner right a full turn to a Wrong Way Thar; boys Run; Wrong Way — Promenade
— Wrong Way Grand; Wrong Way Promenade Home

Dance action: Wrong Way Promenade is just like Promenade, except dancers go clockwise (i.e., in the opposite direction of Promenade). However, when starting from a Right And Left Grand Circle with genders as described in the starting formation above, the necessary adjustment, like for Promenade, involves the women turning around as the men step forward, but the men must step to the outside to form normal couples.

Ending formations: Squared Set (e.g., Wrong Way Promenade Home), Wrong Way Promenade (e.g., Wrong Way Promenade, Keep Walking), or couples facing in on the outside of the set (e.g., Sides Wrong Way Promenade 3/4; Heads Square Thru 3).

Timing: 1/4: 4, 1/2: 8, 3/4: 12, Full: 16

Styling: When all Promenade, the inside dancer’s distance from the center of the set is slightly greater than that of a Star Promenade (#5.d). If the formation becomes too spread out, the outside dancers will have to walk too far and too fast for proper timing.
The styling for Promenade varies widely. CALLERLAB recommends a certain styling (described below), but new dancers should also be taught the popular styling for their club and their region. Experienced dancers may choose among the various alternatives based on club and regional standards, the previous call, the caller’s timing, and their partners’ preferences.

Please see Couples Promenade (#5a) for details about styling options.

Comments: Wrong Way Promenade is infrequently called and is usually used from normal couples, i.e., the girls will be on the inside.

Some callers omit “Wrong Way” or say “This Way” if dancers are already moving in or facing in wrong way promenade direction.

Also see the comments for Promenade (#5a).

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