Promenade – Wrong Way – Other

Basic Part 1
Wrong Way Promenade

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Choreography by: Manning and Nita Smith
Formation: Couples facing counterclockwise around the hall, lady on the man’s right, with near hands joined. Opposite footwork for the man and the lady.
Music: “White Silver Sands”, Jewel 703 or Grenn 14028, 15006 or Virgo VO-1016


– – – -; – Walk forward;
– – Turn backup; – – Walk forward;
– – Turn backup; – – Balance apart;
– Together – Apart; Together and Ladies roll back;
– Balance left and right; – – Walk forward;


1-8 Starting with outside feet, couples walk forward counterclockwise around the hall 3 steps. Turn towards partner on the 4th step to face clockwise. The lady is now on the left side of the man. Back up 4 steps counterclockwise around the hall. (A total of 8 steps moving counterclockwise.)

9-16 Couples reverse their direction of travel and walk clockwise around the hall 3 steps. Turn on the 4th step to face counterclockwise. Back up 4 steps clockwise around the hall. (A total of 8 steps moving clockwise.)

17-24 Still facing counterclockwise couples step apart on the outside feet and touch the inside foot next to the outside foot in 2 beats of music. Step together on the inside feet and touch the outside foot beside the inside foot in 2 counts. Repeat the apart and together action one more time.
Alternatively use a 3 step balance: Away, step, step
Or use a Pas de Bas: Away, Step on ball of other foot in front,
Step in place on away foot.

25-32 Dancers turn away from each other using four steps to make a small circle, the gent rolls back to his left to the following lady the lady turns to her right in a small circle returning to face a new partner. (This may be danced with just the gent or just the lady turning the circle, while the other walks ahead and faces in.) Then they step to the man’s left and touch and then to the man’s right and touch (Balance to line and reverse). Couples should then quickly face to the counterclockwise direction to start the dance once again.

Note: This dance routine can be used to many other records. The music should have a medium beat.