Pass Thru – Standard Applications

Basic Part 1
Pass Thru

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Standard Applications:

Pass Thru
— i) Any formation where there are obvious facing dancers, All Arrangements
Comment: It is reasonably safe to call Pass Thru to any facing dancers as long as they are clearly designated.
— ii) Facing Lines, All Arrangements
— iii) Eight Chain Thru, All Arrangements
Comment: Dancers tend to expect Trade By next.
— iv) Static Square, All Arrangements
Comment: The call is directed to those at the Heads or Sides or if same-gender couples to Boys or Girls.
— v) Double Pass Thru or Trade By, All Arrangements
Comment: The call applies to centers only and is best called as Centers Pass Thru.
— vi) Right-Hand Tidal Wave, All Arrangements
Comment: This is usually a safe application of the Ocean Wave Rule.