Pass Thru – Definition


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CALLERLAB Program: Basic Part 1
Teaching Order: After Stars and before Half Sashay Family
Recently Taught Calls: Arm Turns, Right and Left Grand

Background: Pass Thru has become an essential call in modern square dancing. This call sets the pattern for the Passing Rule. It is critically important that all modern square dancers internalize the “pass right shoulders” rule.


Minimum number of dancers needed: Two

Starting formation for the minimum number needed: Facing Dancers

Command examples:
— Pass Thru

Dance action: Dancers move forward, passing right shoulders with each other and end back-to-back.

Ending Formations: Back-to-Back Dancers

Timing: 2

Styling: Man’s right shoulder slightly forward as right shoulders pass. Arms in natural dance position. Woman works skirt with hands, right hand leading as right shoulders pass.

Pass Thru is proper from a Right-Hand Mini-Wave because of the Ocean Wave Rule. It is the same as Step Thru.

Pass Thru is improper from a Left-Hand Mini-Wave because of the left shoulder pass. Use Step Thru instead.

Pass Thru from a Left-Hand Ocean Wave, making use of an implicit “those who can”, and expecting only the centers to be active is rarely used and goes against dancer expectation. Use “Centers Pass Thru” or “Centers Step Thru” instead.

From a Squared Set, Heads Pass Thru is proper. It ends with the Heads back on Squared Set spots. See Squared Set Convention.

Pass Thru is improper from dancers who are further apart than directly facing, or on a diagonal with respect to each other. Using a phrase like “Boys On A Diagonal, Pass Thru”, the caller can accomplish the desired dance action.

Pass Thru is proper from a Couple facing an individual Dancer. In this case, the Dancer splits the couple, having the effect of passing one dancer right shoulders and the other dancer left shoulders.

Facing Couple or Ocean Wave Rule: The Ocean Wave Rule applies to Pass Thru.

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