Dosado – Modules

Basic Part 1

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— Dosado once and a half = Pass Thru

— Dosado is a Zero

Fractional Zeros:

Get-Ins to Partner Line (= Zero Line):
— Heads Circle Left 1/4, Centers Dosado once and a half, Each Four Circle Left 3/4

Get-Ins to Corner Box (= Zero Box):
— Heads go Forward and turn to face your corner for a Dosado.

— Head Ladies Circle Left half and back out by the opposite man, Heads Circle Left 3/4, Centers Dosado once and a half.

Get-Outs from Partner Line (= Zero Line):
— With your Opposite Dosado, all Eight Circle Left to home

Get-Outs from Corner Box (= Zero Box):
— Those facing Dosado, Centers face the dancer beside you and Dosado. If necessary, all Eight Circle Left to home.