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CALLERLAB Program: Basic Part 1
Teaching Order: After Forward and Back and before Swing
Recently Taught Calls: Circle Left, Forward and Back

Background: The word “Dosado” comes from the French words “dos à dos” which mean “back to back”. Over the years it has gone through several spelling variations. Modern square dancing has settled on Dosado for the action described here. In traditional Western square dancing the term Do si do is used to designate a different figure.

Background of Left Dosado:
In the 1993 CALLERLAB Mainstream Definitions the Definition of See Saw is “Starting formation – facing dancers, square or circle. When combined with all around the left hand lady, each dancer walks forward and around the partner keeping left shoulders adjacent, then steps forward to face the corner. In all other cases, it is a left shoulder dosado. Dancers advance and pass left shoulders. Each without turning moves to the left passing in back of the other dancer and then moves backward passing right shoulders returning to starting position.”

In the 2003 CALLERLAB Mainstream Definitions the definition of See Saw was changed to “Starting formation – square or circle. Each dancer walks forward and around the partner keeping left shoulders adjacent, then steps forward to face the corner. (NOTE: This call is to be used ONLY in conjunction with ALL AROUND THE CORNER.)

In a traditional square dance or old modern choreography, the call “See Saw” may be used when the desired action is a Left Dosado.

Left Dosado is not currently in the Basic Program. It is not safe to assume dancers know this variation. If you want to use Left Dosado, the simple solution is to use a few extra words to teach it, and thus ensure success.


Minimum number of dancers needed: Two

Starting formation for the minimum number needed: Facing dancers

Command examples:
— Dosado
— Dosado your corner
— Dosado your partner
— Head Men Dosado
— Heads Go Forward and Back; Heads Dosado

Dance action: Walking a smooth circular path, dancers walk forward, passing right shoulders, slide sideways to the right, walk backwards, passing left shoulders, and slide slightly to the left to return to their starting position.

Ending formations: Facing Dancers

Timing: SS with corner, 6; with partner, 6; from a Box formation 6; SS across the set, 8.

Styling: Men: arms in natural dance position, right shoulders forward as right shoulders pass, left shoulders forward as left shoulders pass. Women: both hands on skirt, moving skirt forward and back to avoid opposite dancer, right hand forward as right shoulders pass, left hand forward as left shoulders pass.

Some new dancers dance Dosado with their arms crossed in front of them. While this indicates that the dancer has been exposed to square dancing in the past, it is not the recommended styling today.

Comments: The command “Dosado Your Corner” is a shorthand for “Face Your Corner; Dosado”. The same for “Dosado Your Partner”.

From a Squared Set, Head Men Dosado is acceptable. They approach each other, Dosado, and return to their original position.

A Dosado which starts by passing left shoulders is called Left Dosado.

Formerly the phrase See Saw was occasionally used to accomplish a Left Dosado. In 2003 the Mainstream Committee voted to drop that application of See Saw and requests that callers use Left Dosado.

Facing Couple or Ocean Wave Rule: Ocean Wave Rule applies to this call.
The ending formation is Facing Dancers.

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