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Courtesy Turn

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Proper Contra with Same Gender Courtesy Turn:

In many traditional proper contras there are groups of four where two gents are dancing side-by-side facing two ladies who are dancing side-by-side. In this case a Right and Left Over is danced as a Pass Thru and then a shoulder-to-shoulder half turn counter-clockwise.

(Author Unknown)
Formation: Proper contra lines of partners facing with Ladies in the left line (as seen by the caller) and Gents in the right line. Couples 1, 3, 5, etc. active (but not crossed over).
Music: Traditionally “Paddy on the Turnpike”

– – – – , Actives Circle Left with the two below,
– – – – , – – Circle Right
– – – – , – – Right and Left Over
– – – – , – – Right and Left Back

– – – – , Actives down outside the set
– – – – , – – Come back
– – – – , Actives between and down four in line
– – Inside arch, outside under, back to place


01-08: Each four Circle Left (8 beats)
09-16: Same four Circle Right (8 beats) back to place

17-24: From long facing lines, dancers Pass Thru. Then in each group of four the adjacent dancers of the same genders move in a shoulder-to-shoulder unit to half turn counter-clockwise. (Right shoulder Pass Thru then turn Left halfway around).

25-32: Repeat beats 17-24 to return to starting place.

33-40: Actives face up then turn out to individually walk down the outside of the set. All the active ladies will be in single file outside the line of ladies. All the active gents will be in single file outside the line of gents. On beat 7 and 8 the dancers U-Turn Back ready to return.

41-48: Actives return single file to their starting place then step in between the Inactives who turn to face down making a line of four.

49-56: Lines of four walk down the hall (away from the caller).

57-64: Actives raise their joined hands to make an arch and the end dancers walk forward and around through the arch. Actives back up while the others walk forward back up the hall ready to begin again with new groups of four.

Progression: Couples at the ends with no second couple to make a group of four, are temporarily neutral and have a chance to catch their breath while the rest of the line dances through the next 64 beats. The spare couple at the top (near the caller) will then begin moving down the line as an Active couple and the spare couple at the bottom will begin moving up the line as an Inactive couple.