Circle Left / Circle Right – Standard Applications

Basic Part 1
Circle Left / Circle Right

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Standard Applications:

 a) Circle Left
— i) In-facing Circle of 8; All Arrangements
— ii) Static Square; All Arrangements
Comment for i and ii: Aside from handhold fumbling, all arrangements are safe.
— iii) Facing Lines, All Arrangements

b) Circle Right
— i) In-Facing Circle of 8, All Arrangements
— ii) Static Square, All Arrangements
— iii) Facing Lines, All Arrangements
Comment for i, ii and iii: The common sequence is Circle Left, reverse back and Circle Right. From a stationary squared-up set the call Circle Right catches many dancers by surprise.

c) Each Four Circle Left / Right
— i) Static Square, Normal Couples
Comment: Call directed to Heads or Sides to Circle Four a given fraction.  Clues may be needed about where to stop.
— ii) Facing Lines, All Arrangements
Comment: Dancers will assume an 8-dancer circle unless clearly told otherwise. Circles of 4 or 2 are uncommon in squares but very common in contras.
— iii) Eight Chain Thru, “0” (Normal Couples)
Comment: Call directed to Each 4. The common tendency is to Circle to a Line so the caller must be clear about the next action or formation.