Allemande Left – Standard Applications

Basic Part 1
Allemande Left

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Standard Applications:

Allemande Left
— i) Circle moving either way, BGBG (Normal)
— ii) Eight Chain Thru, “0” (Normal Couples)
— iii) Trade By,
— iv) Lines Facing Out
— v) Static Square
— vi) Left-Hand Parallel Waves
— vii) 4-Hand Right-Hand Star in the center
— viii) Right & Left Grand Circle
Comment for i-viii: While Allemande Left can be danced from each of the Formations and Arrangements listed regardless of the Relationships, experienced dancers will be expecting to find their original corner or to hear words indicating that the caller is aware of the new corner.

— iv) Eight Chain Thru, “1”, “2” (All 4 Girls in the center, or all 4 Boys in the center)
Comment: This is less common, but it is usually successful if dancers are facing their original corners. There will, conversely, be measurable fallout if they are not!