Allemande Left – Teaching

Basic Part 1
Allemande Left

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Choreography for Patter Teaching with Singing Call Options:

Teaching Tips:

Allemande Left
A.) Shake left hands; now slide up to the forearm, but that’s all.
B.) Join left forearms; – the other left!
C.) Trade places with one on the arm, let go, and walk by passing left shoulders towards the Partner.
D.) Don’t grip or grab tight!
E.) After turning, drop the arm hold before moving forward to avoid breaking something.

More teaching suggestions:
— Dancers learn where their corner is by gradually being exposed to a wider variety of Allemande Lefts as they gain experience.
— Demonstrate to dancers how to keep arms firm and springy to support and center the turning action. This is described as “giving weight”.

Quick quote: “Left forearm turn, around to face partner, let go”

Teaching Standard Applications: 

Allemande Left your Corner
Dosado your partner
All Face In, Forward and Back
Circle Left once around (16 beats)
Patter: Allemande Left, Promenade
Singer: With corner Swing and Promenade
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