Track 2 -Definition

Teaching Resource for TRACK 2

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CALLERLAB Program: Plus

Teaching Order: After Spin Chain the Gears

Recently taught calls: Coordinate, (Anything) and Spread

Background: Track One and Track Two were created in 1976 by Dick Bayer from Fenton, Michigan. Track Three and Track Four were created in 1976 by Gus Green from Baldwinsville, New York. Track Two was in the CALLERLAB Plus Program by 1983.


Starting formation: Completed Double Pass Thru.

Dance action: The dancers work in “tandem”, that is, the trailing dancers follow the lead dancers. Those in the right “track” move single file to the left, counter-clockwise, staying to the inside of the dancers on the left “track”, who move single file, clockwise, to the right on the outside. The movement continues as in a Double Pass Thru, until the dancers have reached parallel right-hand ocean waves.

Ending formations: Parallel Right-Hand Ocean Waves

Timing: 8

Styling: As dancers are moving simultaneously in opposing directions, it is important for them to provide moving room for one another. Those on the outside must avoid crowding those in the center. All dancers hold arms in natural dance position, blending into a hands up ocean wave formation at the conclusion of the call.

Facing Couples or Ocean Wave Rule: (Neither rule applies.)

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