Spin Chain the Gears – Analysis

Spin Chain the Gears

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Call Analysis:

Hands needed at the start: Right for Right-Waves, Left for Left-Waves
Hands held at the end: Same as at the start plus the hands at the center of each wave

Body flow at the start: Clockwise for Right-Waves, Counter-Clockwise for Left-Waves
Body flow at the end for Right-hand Waves: Counter-clockwise for centers, clockwise for those who start and finish as ends.

Good preceding calls:
— Dosado to a Wave
— Centers Trade
— Swing Thru

Good following calls:
— Swing Thru
— Recycle
— Linear Cycle
— Spin Chain the Gears

Ending Formations for Standard starting Formation and Arrangements:

a) Parallel Right-Hand Parallel Waves, “0” (Girls as centers and Boys as ends): Spin Chain the Gears
Ends in Parallel Right-Hand Waves, “0”

Some Extended Applications:

a) Right-Hand Parallel Waves, “1” (Boys Facing In): Spin Chain the Gears
Ends in Right-Hand Parallel Waves, “2” (Girls Facing In)

b) Right-Hand Parallel Waves, “3” (Boys together and End Boy Facing In): Spin Chain the Gears
Ends in Right-Hand Parallel Waves, “4” (Girls together and End Girl Facing In)

ARC Rulings (Applications Review Committee of CALLERLAB):

(June 2008)
Q: Is it proper to call Spin Chain the Gears from a Tidal Wave?
A: NO. The committee voted this is improper. This application does not comply with the CALLERLAB written definitions.

(May 2014)
Q: The formation was Two-Faced-Line. The calls given were “Begin with a Partner Trade and Spin Chain the Gears.”
A: This application was voted to be improper, as it does not comply with the Plus definition. The starting and ending formation is Parallel Ocean Waves rather than Two-Faced-Lines. The definition states that the dancers Turn 1/2 and NOT Partner Trade. Also, the part that states “Four dancers on each side of the square now form a four-handed star and turn the star three-quarters” cannot be done as the dancers are in a Facing Diamond formation.