Spin Chain the Gears – Definition

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CALLERLAB Program: Plus

Teaching Order: After (Anything) and Spread

Recently taught calls: Linear Cycle, Coordinate

Background: Spin Chain the Gears was created in 1971 by Whit Whitcomb from Pembroke, Massachusetts. It was in the 1976 Mainstream Plus list which became the Plus One list by 1980.


Starting formation: Parallel Ocean Waves

Dance action: Each end and the adjacent center dancer turn one-half (180 degrees). The new centers of each ocean wave turn three-quarters (270 degrees) to form a new ocean wave across the set, as the other four dancers do a U-Turn Back (turning in toward the center). The centers of the wave Trade and then release hands with each other. Four dancers on each side of the square now form a four-hand star and turn the star three-quarters, forming a new wave across the set. Centers of this wave Trade momentarily reforming the wave across the set. The two outside pairs of dancers of the center wave now turn three-quarters (270 degrees) as the other four dancers turn back (turning away from the center).

Ending formations: Parallel Ocean Waves, which are parallel to and have the same handedness as at the beginning.

Timing: 24

Styling: Dancers turning in ocean wave formations use styling as previously described for the basics Swing Thru and Spin Chain Thru. For star portions of basic, refer to styling as indicated by the basic Star Right. When turning into the star or out to the wave, use a flowing turn rather than an abrupt about-face. In star patterns, ladies’ outside hands may be used to work skirts.

Facing Couple or Ocean Wave Rule: The Facing Couples Rule applies.

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