Spin Chain and Exchange the Gears – Definition


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CALLERLAB Program: Plus

Teaching Order: After Dixie Grand

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Background: Spin Chain and Exchange the Gears is listed among the December 1982 calls in Burleson’s Encyclopedia. It was an experimental in 1986 and it was in the CALLERLAB Plus Program list by 1988.


Starting formation: Ocean Waves.

Dance action: Each end and adjacent center Turn 1/2. New centers Turn 3/4 to form a center Ocean Wave and the ends Flip In (180 degree inward turn similar to Ends Run). Very Centers Turn 1/2. Each half of the square forms a four-hand star (a “gear”) and turns it 3/4.

Each Very Center dancer (one is #1 in the diagram) leads those following them in their star (#2, #3 and #4) along a circular path around the outside of the other star (the “exchange”). When #1 has gone 3/4 around and #3 has gone 1/4 around, dancers #1 and #3 Flip In to join hands and become centers of a wave while dancers #2 and #4 continue to move forward along the circular path to join their inside hand with the dancer ahead to become ends of the wave.

Ending formation: The call ends in waves with the same handedness and in the same location as the original waves.

Timing: 26

Ocean wave and star turns use standard styling.

As the Centers Turn 3/4 at the beginning of the call, the other dancers pause slightly and then, as they Flip In, they bring the other hand up to immediately join the forming star.

While turning the star and exchanging, each group of four dancers are following a smooth S-like path. The exchange and formation of the waves is one continuous action. As each star forms (before turning the star), the dancer who will be leading the exchange usually raises the outside hand to indicate “follow me”. That hand is held up for the star turn and through the exchange, and can be smoothly joined with the inside hand of the following dancer when forming the ending wave.

Comment: The 3/4 fraction to turn the star can be modified by the caller, in which case a different dancer will be #1 and lead the exchange.

Facing Couples or Ocean Wave Rule: The Facing Couples Rule applies to this call.

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