Ping Pong Circulate – Analysis

Ping Pong Circulate

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Call Analysis:

Hands needed at the start: neither hand
Hands held at the end: 1/4 Tag handholds

Body flow at the start: forward or diagonally
Body flow at the end: same as at start for four dancers coming into the wave, clockwise or counter-clockwise for dancers turning into the positions of the outside couples

Good preceding calls:
— Heads Pass the Ocean
— Centers Swing Thru (to make a 1/4 Tag)

Good following calls:
— Ping Pong Circulate
— Extend
— Centers Swing Thru

Ending Formations for Standard starting Formation and Arrangements:

a) Right-Hand 1/4 Tag, “0”: Ping Pong Circulate
Ends in Right-Hand 1/4 Tag, “0”

Some Extended Applications:

a) Left-Hand 1/4 Tag, “0”: Ping Pong Circulate
Ends in Left-Hand 1/4 Tag, “0”

b) Right-Hand 1/4 Tag, “1” or “2” (all same gender in wave): Ping Pong Circulate
Ends in Right-Hand 1/4 Tag, “2” or “1” (the other gender in the wave)

ARC Rulings (Applications Review Committee of CALLERLAB):

(November 2000)
Q: Would it be proper to call “Ping Pong Circulate” from a formation that would be created from a static square and have the heads step to a wave?
A: NO. The Burleson Encyclopedia #2854 defines this exact action as “Ping Pong Trade” therefore it should not be called “Ping Pong Circulate.” By definition Ping Pong Circulate starts and ends in a quarter tag formation, therefore the questionable usage should cease immediately!

(April 2002)
Q: Is it acceptable to call “Left Ping Pong Circulate” from a “Left 1/4 Tag” formation and expect all execution of the movement to be left handed?
A: No. It is not necessary to say “Left” however, callers may wish to use a term like “It’s A Lefty” as helpful words for dancers that are unfamiliar with this application.

(July/August 2005)
Q: The following call was used from a Quarter Tag formation; “Ping Pong Circulate once and a half” and the caller expected the dancers to end in parallel waves. Proper or Improper?
A: Improper. This call has been taught incorrectly by many callers in the past. It should NOT be fractionalized!! The definition states that each dancer will move forward one position along the path shown.