Peel Off – Definition

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CALLERLAB Program: Plus

Teaching Order: After Load the Boat

Recently taught calls: Teacup Chain, Ping Pong Circulate

Background: Peel Off was created in 1962 by Howard Liffick from Evansville, Indiana. It was number 62 in the CALLERLAB Mainstream Program about 1976. Peel Off was moved to the Plus Program in 1990.


Starting formation: Tandem Couples, Box Circulate, or Z formation

Dance action: Lead dancers walk in an approximate semicircle, away from the center of the starting formation, to become the ends of a four-dancer line. Trailing dancers step forward as necessary to become centers of the same line and U Turn Back, turning away from the center of the starting formation. All dancers end in a four-dancer line. Each dancer will have turned half (180 degrees) to end facing the opposite direction from which they started. Peel Off from Tandem Couples ends in a One-Faced Line. Peel Off from Box Circulate or a Z ends in a Two-Faced Line.

Ending formations: One-Faced or Two-Faced Line

Timing: 4

Styling: Arms should be held in natural dance position and ready to assume appropriate position for the next call. It is important that lead dancers move slightly forward before starting the “peeling” motion.

Comment: Everyone can Roll after a Peel Off. Dancers move in a smooth, continuous motion that cannot be fractionalized. The center of the ending formation is the same as the center of the starting formation.

Two dancers who form a Tandem and have a center to work away from can Peel Off as if in a box circulate formation (e.g., the ends of waves or the points of diamonds). They finish as a couple on a line midway between the original lead and trailing positions.

Facing Couples or Ocean Wave Rule: (Neither rule applies.)

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