Linear Cycle – Standard Applications

Linear Cycle

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Standard Applications:

Linear Cycle

— i) Right-Hand Parallel Waves, “0” (Girls as centers and Boys as ends)
Comment: Other arrangements are not safe without a workshop.

— ii) Center Four dancers in a Right-Hand Wave (Center…), BGGB center wave
Comment: Successful if caller is clear about who is active.
It is a nice resolution to home when used from a “0” Quarter Tag.

— iii) Right-Hand Tidal Wave, BGGBBGGB
Comment: Saying Each Four will increase success; however, this is not as common and dancers will tend to stop where Recycle would end.

— iv) Left-Hand Parallel Waves, Boys as centers and Girls as ends
Comment: This is not standard and will need clue words; but, because it ends in normal lines, it is a fairly easy extended application to workshop.