Linear Cycle – Analysis

Linear Cycle

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Call Analysis:

Hands needed at the start: Right for a Right-Hand Wave, Left for a Left-Hand Wave
Hands held at the end: Neither until hands are connected in the new facing couples

Body flow at the start: Clockwise for Right-Hand Wave, Counter-clockwise for Left-Hand Wave
Body flow at the end: Same as at the start

Good preceding calls:
— Centers Trade
— Swing Thru
— Pass the Ocean
— Extend
— All Eight Circulate

Good following calls:
— Forward and Back
— Pass Thru
— Right and Left Thru
— Reverse Flutterwheel
— Slide Thru

Ending Formations for Standard starting Formation and Arrangements:
a) Right-Hand Parallel Waves, “0” (Girls as centers and Boys as ends): Linear Cycle
Ends in Facing Lines, “0” (Normal Couples)

b) Center Four dancers in a Right-Hand Wave, BGGB center wave: Centers Linear Cycle
Ends with center four as facing couples. It can be used for an “At Home” resolution.

c) Right-Hand Tidal Wave, “0” (BGGBBGGB): Linear Cycle
Ends in Eight Chain Thru, “0” (Normal Couples)

Some Extended Applications:
a) Left-Hand Parallel Waves, “0” (Boys as centers and Girls as ends): Linear Cycle
Ends in Ends in Facing Lines, “0” (Normal Couples)

ARC Rulings (Applications Review Committee of CALLERLAB):

(July 2006)
Q: Is it proper to call Linear Cycle from a Tidal Wave?
A: Yes. This was voted to be a proper use of the call as there are two ocean waves end to end in this formation and it fits within the definition.