Linear Cycle – Definition

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CALLERLAB Program: Plus

Teaching Order: After Peel Off

Recently taught calls: Ping Pong Circulate, Load the Boat

Background: Linear Cycle is listed among the August 1979 calls in Burleson’s Encyclopedia. It was an experimental in 1980 and was in the CALLERLAB Plus Program by 1985.


Starting formation: (from waves only for the Plus Program) – Starting formation – Parallel Ocean Waves or Four (4) Dancer Waves to be either right or left-handed.

Dance action: (For programs other than Plus, allowable formations include any formation in which the end and adjacent center can single or partner hinge. This is a three part call.)
Part 1. The ends and adjacent centers hinge.
Part 2. Those facing out fold behind those facing in and all dancers will then move forward in a Double Pass Thru action.
Part 3. If the hinge is right-handed, peel right; if the hinge is left-handed, peel left to end as facing couples.
From a right-hand hinge, all will pass right shoulders. From a left-hand hinge, all will pass left shoulders.
An added note just for information from beyond the Plus Program – From any inverted lines or some three in one lines, the passing rule shall prevail. (Not applicable in the Plus Program.)

Ending formations: Facing Couples

Timing: 8-10

Styling: Arms in natural dance position. Similar to styling for individual components. Rejoin hands upon completion of move.

Facing Couples or Ocean Wave Rule: The Facing Couples Rule does not apply. (For programs beyond Plus there are formations containing Facing Couples from which Linear Action is danced beginning with a Partner Hinge.)

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