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Grand Swing Thru

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Grand Swing Thru Contra
Formation: Long Lines of Couples Facing Couples

Two Ladies Chain;
Dixie Style to a Wave, Boys Cross Run;
Swing Thru;
Boys Run, Bend the Line;

Long Lines Forward and Back;
Gents to the center and Balance, then Grand Swing Thru;
Gents back out, Ladies go in and Balance;
Ladies Grand Swing Thru and back out;

Note 1: For Grand Swing Thru all designated dancers make a long tidal wave, those who can turn half by the right, then those who can turn half by the left, all back directly out into the space behind. Use four counts for each turn.

Note 2: A spare couple, should be placed at the head with lady in the right line and the gent in the left line. They participate during the Grand Swing Thru section. The couple who end in the spare spots wait there until the next “Long Lines Forward and Back”.

Here are alternative options for the first 32 counts:

Option 1:
Star Right (8); Star Left (8);
Ladies Dosado; Gents Dosado;

Option 2:
Circle Left three-quarters; Swing Corner;
Ladies Dosado once and a half; Swing Partner;

Option 3:
(Ladies Lead) Flutterwheel;
Pass the Ocean, Single Hinge;
Walk and Dodge, Partner Trade;
Right and Left Thru;