Flip the Diamond – Definition

Teaching Resource for FLIP THE DIAMOND

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CALLERLAB Program: Plus

Teaching Order: After Trade the Wave

Recently taught calls: Diamond Circulate, Single Circle to a Wave

Background: Flip the Diamond Circulate was created in 1973 by Deuce Williams from Dearborn, Michigan. It was in the 1977 trial Mainstream Plus Two plateau, but by 1980 it had been moved to the Plus One list.


Starting formation: Any Diamond

Dance action: The centers of the diamond do a Diamond Circulate to the next position in their diamond, while the points Run (“Flip” 180 degrees) into the nearest center position and join hands to become the centers of the forming wave or line. When “flipping” a facing diamond, the points always take the inside path, and the centers always take the outside path.

Ending formations: Ocean Wave or Line

Timing: 3

Styling: From a normal diamond formation, all dancers blend into hands up position as required for ocean wave basic. If the starting formation is a facing diamond, all dancers blend into a couple handhold.

Facing Couples or Ocean Wave Rule: Neither rule applies.

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