Fan the Top – Definition

Teaching Resource for FAN THE TOP

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CALLERLAB Program: Plus

Teaching Order: After Follow Your Neighbor

Recently taught calls: Track II, (Anything) and Roll

Background: Fan the Top was created in 1967 by Deuce Williams from Dearborn, Michigan. It was number 67 in the CALLERLAB Mainstream Program about 1976. Fan the Top was moved to the Plus Program in 2001.


Starting formation: Ocean Wave or Two-Faced Lines

Dance action: The centers of the line or wave turn three quarters (270 degrees) while the outside dancers move forward in a quarter circle. The ending formation is at right angles to the starting formation. Centers remain centers and ends remain ends.

Ending formations: Ocean Wave or Two-Faced Lines

Timing: 4

Styling: Center dancers use hands-up position and styling similar to that of Swing Thru. End dancers’ arms are in natural dance position and hands are ready to assume appropriate position for the next call.

Facing Couples or Ocean Wave Rule: The Facing Couples Rule applies.

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