Explode the Wave – Standard Applications

Explode the Wave

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Standard Applications:

Explode the Wave

— i) Right-Hand Parallel Waves, “0” (Girls as centers, and Boys as ends)
Comment: Marginally successful from “1” or “2” Right-Hand Wave, provided the cue boys with boys and girls with girls is given prior to the call.

— ii) Left-Hand Parallel Waves, Girls as ends and Boys as centers
Comment: Successful because the turning direction and ending action is the same as for “0” Right-Hand Waves.

— iii) Tidal Wave, Right: BGGBBGGB or Left: GBBGGBBG
Comment: Each 4 will help success, and this is best used just before Left Allemande.

— iv) Center Right-Hand Wave (Center …), Same arrangements in wave as above
Comment: Call directed to Centers. Successful if caller is clear about who is active.