Dixie Grand – Modules

Dixie Grand

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(These do not take into account the fact that Dixie Grand ends in a circle.)
— From Double Pass Thru formation, Dixie Grand = Double Pass Thru, Leaders Partner Trade
— From Eight Chain Thru formation, Dixie Grand = Eight Chain Three
— From Trade By formation, Dixie Grand = Trade By, Pass Thru, Trade By

Get-Ins to Partner Line (= Zero Line):
— Heads Pass Thru and Cloverleaf, Dixie Grand, Allemande Left, Promenade, Heads Wheel Around, Make Lines

Get-Outs from Partner Line (= Zero Line):
— Four Ladies Chain and Head Ladies (or Side Ladies) Rollaway, All 8 Circle Left, Circle Right go Single File, Boys U-Turn Back, Dixie Grand, Allemande Left, Promenade

Get-Outs from Corner Box (= Zero Box):
— Pass to the Center, Dixie Grand, Allemande Left
— Pass Thru, Everyone begin with the right – Dixie Grand, Allemande Left
— (Extended) Left Dixie Grand, Box the Gnat, Right and Left Grand, Promenade