Dixie Grand – Definition

Teaching Resource for DIXIE GRAND

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CALLERLAB Program: Plus

Teaching Order: After Chase Right

Recently taught calls: All 8 Spin the Top, Cut the Diamond

Background: Dixie Grand was created in 1957 by Bill Castner from Pleasant Hill, California. It was in the 1976 Mainstream Plus list which became the Plus One List by 1980.


Starting formation: Dixie Grand Circle, Double Pass Thru, Quarter Tag, or any formation where at least two dancers can start.

Dance action: Those who can start the call by joining right hands with the facing dancer and pulling by. Each dancer moves ahead around the circle and gives a left hand to the next, pulling by, and a right hand to the next, pulling by. Regardless of the starting formation, as the movement progresses, the formation converts to a circle.

Timing: 6

Styling: Styling is similar to the description for the basic right and left grand. Dancers use handshake hold for alternating pull by movements, releasing hands as dancers pass each other. Skirt work is not recommended.

Facing Couples or Ocean Wave Rule: The Ocean Wave Rule applies.

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