Crossfire – Modules


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— Pass Thru = Each Four Circle Left Half, Veer Left, Cross Fire, Walk and Dodge
— From a Right-Hand Two-Faced Line, Crossfire = Couples Hinge, Half Tag

From Normal Facing Couples:
— Veer Left, Crossfire, Box Circulate, Boys Run
— Veer Left, Crossfire, Walk and Dodge, Partner Trade
— (Extended) Veer Right, Crossfire, Boys U-Turn Back, Two Ladies Chain

From Normal Eight Chain Thru:
— Veer Left, Girls Circulate, Crossfire, Single File Circulate, Boys Run, Reverse Flutterwheel

Fractional Zeros:
Half Fractional Zero from Normal Facing Lines (when both genders are in the same sequence it is a Technical Zero):
— Right and Left Thru and Turn a Quarter More, Couples Circulate, Crossfire, Trade and Roll, Right and Left Thru

Get-Ins to Partner Line (= Zero Line):
— Heads/Sides Circle Left Half, Veer Left, Couples Hinge, Crossfire, Walk and Dodge, Veer Right, Bend the Line
— Heads/Sides Lead Right, Right and Left Thru, Veer Left, Crossfire, Partner Trade and Roll
— Heads Lead Right, Veer Left, Couples Hinge, Center Couples Trade, Crossfire, Walk and Dodge, Partner Trade

Get-Outs from Partner Line (= Zero Line):
— Ladies Chain, Veer Left, Couples Hinge, Crossfire, Walk and Dodge, Left Allemande

Get-Ins to Corner Box (= Zero Box):
— Head/Side Two Ladies Chain, Same four Veer Left and Couples Hinge, Centers Crossfire and Walk and Dodge

Get-Outs from Corner Box (= Zero Box):
— Veer Left, Crossfire, Coordinate, Girls Trade, Partner Trade, Promenade
— Veer Left, Crossfire, Single Hinge, Boys Trade, Turn Thru, LA

Conversion from a Corner Box to a Partner Line:
— Step to a Wave, Left Swing Thru, Boys Trade and Run, Crossfire, Column Circulate, Face In

Conversion from Partner Line to Corner Box:
— Touch 1/4, Coordinate, Couples Circulate, Crossfire, Girls Run, Box the Gnat