Crossfire – Analysis


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Call Analysis:

Hands needed at the start: If starting from a Two-Faced Line, the center hands
Hands held at the end: One or both hands as needed to form a mini-wave or wave

Body flow at the start: A circular motion toward the center either clockwise or counter-clockwise depending on the formation and the dancer’s location.
Body flow at the end: In most applications all dancers are moving forward.

Good preceding calls:
— Couples Circulate
— Veer Left
— Couples Hinge
— Coordinate
— Facing Lines: Pass Thru

Good following calls:
— Column Circulate
— Walk and Dodge
— Single Hinge
— Coordinate

Ending Formations for Standard starting Formation and Arrangements:
a) Parallel Right-Hand Two-Faced Lines, “0” (Normal Couples): Crossfire
Ends in Right-Hand Columns, “0” (GBGB)

b) Right-Hand Tidal Two-Faced Line, “0” (Normal Couples): Crossfire
Ends in Parallel Right-Hand Waves, “1” (Boys facing in)

c) Center Right-Hand Two-Faced Line, Normal Couples in the Two-Faced Line: Crossfire
The four dancers in the Two-Faced Line end in a center Right-Hand Box, Girls as Leaders, Boys as Trailers

Some Extended Applications:

a) Lines Facing Out, “0” (Normal Couples): Crossfire
Ends in a Right-Hand 1/4 Tag, “3” (Normal Couples on the outside, Wave with boys in the center)

b) Lines Facing In, “1” (Boys on left and Girls on right): Crossfire
Ends in a Completed Double Pass Thru formation, “0” (Normal Couples)

c) Parallel Inverted Lines, Boys on the ends facing out, Girls in the center facing in: Crossfire
Ends in Parallel Right-Hand Waves, “1” (Boys facing in)

ARC Rulings (Applications Review Committee of CALLERLAB):

(April 2002)
Q: Is “Crossfire” a four or eight dancer call?
A: This is a four dancer call everywhere except from back to back lines of four. The definition is quite clear in this regard.
Q: Is it proper to call “Crossfire” from back to back lines of four?
A: Yes.
Q: If so, at what program?
A: Plus.
Q: If so, is the resulting formation a 1/4 Tag or a Double Pass Thru?
A: 1/4 Tag. The definition is self-explanatory in this regard.

(June 2008)
Q: The call Crossfire was given from Facing Diamonds. The Question is: Does this application comply with the written CALLERLAB Plus definition?
A; The committee voted NO, however, it would be proper at A-1 as it complies with “Do your part of” type calls. The ending formation is “T” Bone Boxes.

(September/October 2015)
Q: Is Crossfire proper to call from ocean waves?
A: The committee voted that it is proper to call Crossfire from Waves. The definition allows for this application however, the ending position is extremely unusual and the committee cautions it use.