Chase Right – Definition

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CALLERLAB Program: Plus

Teaching Order: After Cut the Diamond

Recently taught calls: Crossfire, All 8 Spin the Top

Background: Chase Right and Left Chase were both created in 1975 by Lee Kopman from Wantagh, New York. Chase Right was an Experimental in 1977 and it was in the Plus One list as published in Sets in Order in 1980.


Starting formation: Two Couples Back-to-Back

Dance action: Each right-hand dancer does an exaggerated Zoom action, moving into the position previously occupied by the right-hand dancer behind him, to finish facing in the same direction as when he started the Zoom action. (The net result is the same as if the right-hand dancer had done a right face U-Turn Back and Box Circulate twice). The left-hand dancer follows (“Chases”) the right-hand dancer by doing a Box Circulate two positions. The call finishes in a Box Circulate formation.

Ending formations: Box Circulate formation

Timing: 6

Styling: All dancers have arms in natural dance position. Ladies’ skirt work optional. Right hand dancer uses flowing motion rather than an abrupt turn around. When two couples (e.g., the heads) do chase right in the center of the square, it is important for those doing the zoom motion to keep the action tight and avoid bumping into the outside dancers. At the same time, those, not involved in the Chase Right, move, if possible and comfortable, away from the center to allow more space for the action.

Facing Couples or Ocean Wave Rule: Neither rule applies.

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