(Anything) and Spread – Analysis

(Anything) and Spread

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Call Analysis:

Hands needed at the start: neither
Hands held at the end: Just the handholds needed to create the ending formation.

Body flow at the start: Sideways for the designated dancers in application (1), for all dancers in application (2), and for the Leaders in application (3). Forward for those not designated in (1), and Forward for the Trailers in (3).

Body flow at the end: Same as at the start.

Good preceding calls:
— Heads Star Thru and Spread
— Heads Slide Thru and Spread

— Follow Your Neighbor and Spread
— Relay the Deucey and Spread

— (From Lines Facing Out) Wheel and Deal and Spread
— Ferris Wheel and Spread
— Cloverleaf and Spread

Good following calls:
— Follow Your Neighbor and Spread, Centers Trade
— Wheel and Deal and Spread, Forward and Back
— Ferris Wheel and Spread, Pass Thru

Ending Formations for Standard starting Formation and Arrangements:

a) From a Static Square, Normal Couples: Heads Star Thru and Spread
Ends in Facing Lines, “1” (BBGG)

b) Parallel Right-Hand Waves, “1” (Girls Facing Out): Follow Your Neighbor and Spread
Ends in Parallel Right-Hand Waves, “0” (BGGB)

c) Lines Facing Out, “0” (Normal Couples): Wheel and Deal and Spread
Ends in Double Pass Thru formation, “0” (Normal Couples)

Some Less Commonly Used Applications:

a) Static Square, Normal Couples: Heads Touch 1/4 and Spread
Ends in 3 and 1 Lines with the Head Girls facing out at end

b) Parallel Right-Hand Waves, “1/2” (Boys Center): Spin the Top and Spread
Ends in Left-Hand Tidal Wave, “0” (GBBGGBBG)

c) Completed Double Pass Thru, “0” (Normal Couples): Zoom and Spread
Ends in Lines Facing Out, “1” (GGBB)

ARC Rulings (Applications Review Committee of CALLERLAB): none