Anything and Spread – Definition

Teaching Resource for (Anything) AND SPREAD

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CALLERLAB Program: Plus

Teaching Order: After Coordinate

Recently taught calls: Peel Off, Linear Cycle

Background: Spread is listed among the December 1978 calls in Burleson’s Encyclopedia. It was an experimental in 1977 and it was in the Plus Two list as published in Sets in Order in 1980.


Starting formation: Various

Dance action: This call can be used in three ways:
(1) If only some of the dancers are directed to Spread (e.g., from a static square, Heads Star Thru and Spread), they slide apart sideways to become ends, as the inactive dancers step forward between them.

(2) If the (Anything) call finishes in lines or waves (e.g., Follow Your Neighbor), the centers anticipate the Spread action by sliding apart sideways to become the new ends, while the original ends anticipate the Spread action by moving into the nearest center position.

(3) If the (Anything) call finishes in tandem couples (e.g., Wheel and Deal from a line of four), the lead dancers slide apart sideways, while the trailing dancers step forward between them.

Ending formations: Usually a One-Faced Line or a Wave

Timing: 2

Styling: All dancers blend into the appropriate hand position and styling designated by the formation resulting at the conclusion of the call (e.g., ocean wave styling after the call “Follow Your Neighbor and Spread”).

Facing Couple or Ocean Wave Rule: (Neither rule applies.)

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