All 8 Spin the Top – Definition

Teaching Resource for ALL 8 SPIN THE TOP

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CALLERLAB Program: Plus

Teaching Order: After Crossfire

Recently taught calls: Flip the Diamond, Grand Swing Thru

Background: Spin the Top was created in 1964 by Holman Hudspeth from Detroit Michigan. All Eight Spin the Top was included in the 1977 recommended Mainstream Plus 2 list.


Starting formation: Thar Star (stationary or in motion), Wrong Way Thar (stationary or in motion), Right & Left Grand Circle.

Dance action:
If started from a Thar Star or Wrong Way Thar, any motion is stopped, the handholds forming the center star are released, and each center dancer and the adjacent outside dancer Arm Turn one-half (180 degrees). Those now in the middle Star three-quarters (walking forward), while the new outsides move forward one-quarter around the perimeter of the circle to join hands with the same person again in a stationary Thar Star or Wrong Way Thar formation.

If started from a Right & Left Grand Circle, everyone turns by the right halfway (180 degrees) with the dancer they are facing, then completes the call as above (new centers Star left three-quarters, etc.). The ending formation is a stationary Wrong Way Thar.

From a Right & Left Grand Circle, the command All 8 Left Spin The Top has everyone turn by the left halfway with the dancer they are facing and complete the call as above, ending in a stationary Thar Star formation.

Ending formations: Stationary Thar Star or Wrong Way Thar

Timing: 10

Styling: The initial arm turn one half (180 degrees) is a forearm turn. The star portion is performed using standard star styling utilizing palm star hand positioning. Outside dancers moving forward have hands in natural dance position, ready to assume appropriate position for the next call. Ladies may use skirt work.

Facing Couples or Ocean Wave Rule: The Facing Couples Rule applies.

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